IMG_6490.jpgPlease note that successful applicants outside the school zone are exempt from zoning restrictions and that all successful applicants must enrol and attend Burnside High School.

You will be auditioned by a panel of at least two people representing Burnside High School and SMP. At least one of these will be a specialist in the instrumental area of the applicant. Auditions are held in early June for the scholarships and final auditions are held in August.


Five minutes playing time on your first instrument. You must supply your own accompanist if the piece requires one. You are welcome to demonstrate a second instrument if you wish.

Aural Tests

  1. You will be asked to clap back the rhythm of a phrase not exceeding 4 bars.
  2. You will be asked to sing back the melody of a phrase not exceeding 4 bars.

Sight Reading

  1. You will be asked to sight read a short piece of music on your first instrument.  The level of difficulty will be within your performance capability.
  2. Your audition will be videotaped for staff reference only. Please ensure that your private music teacher is aware of these requirements.


You and your parent/caregiver will be expected to attend a short interview at the end of the audition.

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